Moving on // moving along

No alarms, no alarms No more juddering starts Sweat-slick shocks Softened by dawn’s light No starts, no starts Brain fuzz nestles in Over last night’s One-too-many No more, no more Seeking spires or Taking a punt on The city’s offerings And now, and now A few steps to go Hours collapse in A poorly built […]

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When You Go

Where do you go when you go? When breathing trips up on the carpet corner And the clip-clop flicker in your eyes Lets itself out of the front door. What thoughts are these? Whose locked horns pull your cheeks Ever-tighter. Fine lines and – Sidelined. Which fears guide that current? Coursing through unsteady hands A […]

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Hello Operator

“I bit the hand that fed me, there was blood and blueberries on the bed sheets” “I need you to stay on th-” He curled himself around the fire escape Once, twice, metal Clattered, warmed by breath The telephone a requisite interruption Momentarily providing enough space between you, knock-kneed, skin grazed by teeth, and Him, […]

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Motel Blues

It was all foreign hands in familiar places and watching window panes, anticipating the creak of the second┬ástair to the left Our black hair dusted with talc holding out for the rattle of the stopped clock on the dresser Back then, dead hands wrote pale letters and I felt numbness creak in the back of […]

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The creaking chair momentarily Kissed our velvet moon And kindled itself Amongst burnished letters Churning out a flame-fuelled song You squinted at all that which burned As though its whispered call Had brushed its smoke-tinged fingers Against your reddening cheek As though it dragged you away From the site of fading memories Taking you back […]

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I left a trace of you In each part of the city That you’d never seen Face flushed, I ached to dig you Out from under my skin Your mirth coloured concrete The feel of your skin dissolved Into neon signs and the burnt colours I had felt, defaced run-down bus shelters Each memory of […]

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