When You Go

Where do you go when you go? When breathing trips up on the carpet corner And the clip-clop flicker in your eyes Lets itself out of the front door. What thoughts are these? Whose locked horns pull your cheeks Ever-tighter. Fine lines and – Sidelined. Which fears guide that current? Coursing through unsteady hands A […]

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Hello Operator

“I bit the hand that fed me, there was blood and blueberries on the bed sheets” “I need you to stay on th-” He curled himself around the fire escape Once, twice, metal Clattered, warmed by breath The telephone a requisite interruption Momentarily providing enough space between you, knock-kneed, skin grazed by teeth, and Him, […]

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Motel Blues

It was all foreign hands in familiar places and watching window panes, anticipating the creak of the second┬ástair to the left Our black hair dusted with talc holding out for the rattle of the stopped clock on the dresser Back then, dead hands wrote pale letters and I felt numbness creak in the back of […]

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The creaking chair momentarily Kissed our velvet moon And kindled itself Amongst burnished letters Churning out a flame-fuelled song You squinted at all that which burned As though its whispered call Had brushed its smoke-tinged fingers Against your reddening cheek As though it dragged you away From the site of fading memories Taking you back […]

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I left a trace of you In each part of the city That you’d never seen Face flushed, I ached to dig you Out from under my skin Your mirth coloured concrete The feel of your skin dissolved Into neon signs and the burnt colours I had felt, defaced run-down bus shelters Each memory of […]

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Please don’t think I’m crazy but There were stalwarts on street corners And grass stains on your jeans I knew we built the steps too steeply I’m grateful for the space between our mouths Stained red from homemade wine Your kids played on the water’s edge All chubby calves and dimpled fingers I picked you […]

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