“I feel like this year is really about like, the year of realising stuff” – Kylie Jenner

In honour of Kylie Jenner and all her worldly wisdom, I thought I’d take a lil’ look back at the year so far. 2017 has been the year that I:

  • Learned to smile properly in pictures
  • Stopped relying on numbers to tell me anything about my physical health
  • Realised the importance of my own space, and of respecting other people’s
  • Started to understand that some memories will always be as painful as when you first experienced them
  • But also, finally realised that there’s no shame in that
  • Decided that Shakespeare needed to chill his hype
  • Stopped believing every conspiracy theory I read on the internet
  • Realised that I’m not always the best judge of my own mental health
  • But also that I can’t get any better unless I’m willing to help myself
  • Discovered Ru Paul’s Drag Race in all its glory
  • Began to slowly quash the voice of self-doubt that used to pipe up whenever it could

Some lows, many highs, so much more stuff to realise. Next up, hoping to follow in Kylizzle’s footsteps and embrace the “breakfast for dinner hype”, get a dog and become a multi-million dollar brand.



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