On Amsterdam

For such a crazy place, there was a huge amount of people all acting in the same vein of normalcy, as though cities made of boozy canals are the very epitome of ordinary. It was as though a child had picked up the world and kicked it on its head, all that we regarded as […]

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What’s going on with…. Greece.

Owen Jones, among many other political journalists, was quick to clarify that the Greeks’ decision to reject EU bailout proposals following a referendum on Sunday was a ‘win for democracy’. The ‘No’ result – winning with 61% of the votes and forming the majority decision in all Greek constituencies and sub-regions, showed that Greece was […]

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Please don’t think I’m crazy but There were stalwarts on street corners And grass stains on your jeans I knew we built the steps too steeply I’m grateful for the space between our mouths Stained red from homemade wine Your kids played on the water’s edge All chubby calves and dimpled fingers I picked you […]

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Coming Clean

There are so many things I haven’t been honest about. I trapped the truth behind an enamel cage for so long that I’m still trying to work out where the key is. For years lies pirouetted from my tongue and you applauded the spectacle because it was exactly what you wanted to hear. If ‘honesty […]

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An exercise in letter writing

I suppose I’m meant to start this by addressing you by your Christian name, which is strange. I’m just writing to ask how you are. It feels odd, the sensation of a pen in my hand being used for discourse, rather than ‘to-do lists’ or ‘notes to self’ or any of the other by-products of […]

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