Post Break-Up Drive Home

The gear-stick your lance I am wounded by forced silence Hanging between our fingers And nestled within the static Of BBC Radio Four Unremarkable stretch Of a grey-blue blur Interspersed with sickly weeds Struggling in their plaster casts The miles tick downwards A child’s birthday balloon nestled Within my ribcage Sweaty fingers fumble with the […]

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February: Iced glances across chipped fomica tables. Feigning disinterest and crafting sonnets about that stray lock of hair brushing your forehead. Maybe I am a Dantean tragedy. April: Bitten fingernails and crooked smiles. I’m not sure what colour the sky is anymore, but I could name every last hue that encircles your eyes. Windows thrown […]

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Sad Songs for Sad Sundays

My empty arms caught the morning rain As I fell victim to this feeling of Sunday Comprising of battered photographs, cream paper and bruised fingernails When I tried to unearth the lies I had buried years before Wrapping them in crimson paper With ‘do not disturb’ written over their bones And I fell victim to […]

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‘Jeering, Leering, Sneering’: The Absence of Gender Parity in Modern Day British Politics

It only takes a few minutes of watching BBC Parliament to affirm that women are severely underrepresented within politics. A few minutes of tuning into a random debate regarding the future of the Falkland Islands and I was already exposed to jeering, leering and sneering, all directed at the few female MPs within the room. […]

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Having just finished Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, I feel that I have to write about his portrayal of mental illness. There are few books that give an accurate representation of mental illnesses, many authors succumb to stereotypes and stigmas which somewhat blackens the characterisation of the sufferers that they have otherwise built up. Murakami never explicitly […]