Moving on // moving along

No alarms, no alarms No more juddering starts Sweat-slick shocks Softened by dawn’s light No starts, no starts Brain fuzz nestles in Over last night’s One-too-many No more, no more Seeking spires or Taking a punt on The city’s offerings And now, and now A few steps to go Hours collapse in A poorly built […]

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6 for 2017

4 days into 2018 and I still haven’t really reflected on the highs and lows of the year just passed. I’m thinking of doing this short form, purely because I am feeling a lil bit lazy. Highs: Visiting Prague in January with my lovely boyfriend. Especially being taken to a restaurant in the catacombs and […]

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Manchester, 22/5/17 take #2

I’m shook. It never feels right carrying on, there’s a rallying cry for recompense that swells inside, as though your world should stand still in solidarity with those who no longer have a world of their own. Speaking of “your” world – it’s so easy to feel so content on your own axis, as it […]

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Manchester, 22/5/17

Nails in faces Nestled into chubby cheeks Not quite yet rid of that Awkward puppy fat Skinny fingers which had Just before, clutched cameras Propped up smartphones Now sporting third degree burns The North had always cared for its own And last night’s taxi driver is today’s hero I can’t find a form to fit […]

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“I feel like this year is really about like, the year of realising stuff” – Kylie Jenner

In honour of Kylie Jenner and all her worldly wisdom, I thought I’d take a lil’ look back at the year so far. 2017 has been the year that I: Learned to smile properly in pictures Stopped relying on numbers to tell me anything about my physical health Realised the importance of my own space, […]

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I waited, lungs heavy, always a little short of breath. The mechanical counter of the station clock seemed to slow with each minute that the train was delayed, forcing itself over with an almost palpable effort. I needed to feel this tightness ease. As I wrote, each stab at the page was a tiny victory, […]

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